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Business software - API/Dev Platforms (Stripe, MUX, Flatfile) - Vertical SaaS (Toast, SiteMinder) - No/LowCode (Make, Webflow)

Personal software - Tools for workers, productivity apps - Tools for capture (Reflect, Retro)

Hardware/electronics - Microcomputers (Arduinos, Raspberry Pi) - IoT / networking - Components (LCD screens, ePaper) - Theatre lighting (DMX, LEDs)

Audio & Video - Experimenting with Podcasting, Community radio, Voice Overs etc. - Audio advertising (the technology & business), dynamic ads - Live TV production, multi-cam switchers

Secondary/Tertiary Education - ‌A passion area. Education reform - Curriculum customisation, down the innate, evolving individual - Platforms like KhanAcademy, Codecademy

And a mixed bag of: - Japanese culture (Kaizen, Ikigai, Zen…) - Public transport system design - Open data protocols - Power grids & internet cabling - Outdoor marketing (guerilla, billboards) - Payments infrastructure - Running in-person events - Writing, presenting - HiFi Electronic music … Liquid Drum&Bass, House, Garage