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The catch-all home for all the stuff I do outside of employed work.

Outside my day job, I spend my evenings and weekends building my own products, working with clients on their products, and doing the occasional MC/speaking gig.

Product freelancing

Marketing websites, business apps, and automation for Aussie SMEs. Work for 13+ clients over 4 years, including social enterprises, builders, agencies, publishers, and universities.

Side projects

Also launched a number of projects along the way.

Aussie Bushfire Donation Hub 🔥🚒
In response to the devastating fire season in 2019/20 here in Australia, a central place for up-to-date info on where you could donate and who needed help most.

Perth for Perth ☕️🌯
A website as a quick response to COVID-19, supporting Perth hospitality businesses in Perth by helping locals find places still open for takeaway and delivery. Modelled of OKforOK.com (Oklahoma-based project by - Matt Varughese).


Presenting keynotes at events/schools on entrepreneurship, curiosity + purpose, and empowering students. Event MC. Presented at TEDxPerth 2018, age 14. Was super surreal!